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Describing about Oasis Poker Pro

Describing about Oasis Poker Pro – Recommendation by Pro Players

Oasis Poker Pro is a version of online poker play that is highly recommended by poker players due to the fact that this game develops an understanding of some important aspects of the popular casino game. The rules of Oasis Poker Pro are similar to Caribbean Stud Poker, without a progressive jackpot, a higher pay-out and the option of purchasing draw cards. Oasis Poker Pro allows players to exchange up to five cards for a fee, and was created by the innovative casino games developer NetEnt as a poker variation with multiple uses including a training game.

Pai Gow Poker Described Online

Casino Pai Gow Poker Described Online

If you are a casino enthusiast, you will know that the game of poker has many variations. From standard 5 card draw to Texas Hold’em, Omaha stud to 3 card poker, players will find a wide range of poker games to suit all tastes. At many online and land based casinos one type of poker game is becoming increasingly popular. Pai gow is a type of poker game that originated from China where players used dominos to create high scoring hands. Today this exciting casino poker game adds another dimension to the classic poker game that many people are familiar with. It can be played at land based casinos and online for free or for real money.

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