Oasis Poker Pro is a version of online poker play that is highly recommended by poker players due to the fact that this game develops an understanding of some important aspects of the popular casino game. The rules of Oasis Poker Pro are similar to Caribbean Stud Poker, without a progressive jackpot, a higher pay-out and the option of purchasing draw cards. Oasis Poker Pro allows players to exchange up to five cards for a fee, and was created by the innovative casino games developer NetEnt as a poker variation with multiple uses including a training game.

Oasis Poker Pro is another member of NetEnts’ Pro series of casino games. This means that the game is available to be enjoyed via a Low Limit and well as a High Limit version. Players are clearly advised to practice and play this game progressively as it demands a knowledge of strategy and card playing odds. To this end, players can make use of the make free play options before graduating on to the Low Limit version before taking a casino on properly in Oasis Poker Pro High Limit.

A NetEnt Creation of Note

NetEnt casinos offer poker aficionados the complete experience. Oasis Poker Pro is part of the Professional Series, which includes Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Punto Banco, Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud Poker. All of these games can be played for free. It is only when players have gained sufficient experience and confidence to play for real that registration at a casino site is needed.

Oasis Poker Pro effectively offers players betting limits ranging from 1 to 40 coins per bet. The Low Limit version starts at 0.1, which is ideal for the newbie and learner.

Game Play Mechanism

Oasis Poker Pro is derived from Caribbean Stud Poker. The game is played directly against the casino, and is an abbreviated, simplified version of 5-card stud poker like Caribbean Stud. Compared to slots at https://canadiangambling.net/slots, Oasis Poker Pro does not offer a progressive jackpot, which has become the standard fare in Caribbean Stud, but the pay-out percentage is improved considerably.

The ante bet and call bet operations are the same as Caribbean Stud, and the qualification requirements of the dealer the same as well.

Advantages of Oasis Poker Pro

Advantages of Oasis Poker Pro

Oasis Poker Pro by NetEnt has an audited pay-out rate of 99.27%, which compares favourably with Caribbean Stud Poker at 97.42%. Oasis Poker Pro allows players to exchange up to five cards for a fee, an action that is recommended in certain cases, and improves the statistics if used correctly. Having said that, the recommendation by professionals is never to exchange more than one card. Mathematically this is key to optimising Oasis Poker Pro, but players are invited to experiment with the free versions of this game.

From a strategy standpoint, Oasis Poker Pro has the same incentives as Caribbean Stud. The onus is on the player to learn the optimal moments to call and when it is best to minimise losses and fold. This judgement is essential to success at Oasis Poker Pro since both winning and losing are inescapable aspects to the game.