Blackjack is a popular casino game, whether it is played online or in a land-based casino.  Having a basic Blackjack strategy explained is very important to all players and will help them gain confidence in playing the game as well as have a basic strategy when playing.

How to Play Blackjack

Before new players can even think of having a basic Blackjack strategy explained they should first learn how to play. Blackjack or 21 as it is also known is based on the score 21.  The main aim of this game is for players to get as close to 21 as possible and still beating the dealer.  Before the cards are dealt players must place a bet after which the cards are dealt from the dealer from left to right.  The dealer will have two cards; one face down and the other face up.  A player will win if they have the closest hand to 21 or if the dealer has 21 made up of 3 or more cards.  The player will lose if they have over 21.  There is also the option of playing hands against the dealer.  Either one will then have Blackjack when the first one has 21.

Basic Strategy

At first having a basic Blackjack strategy explained might seem daunting as it involves a complex looking chart. These charts will differ depending on the source so players should look for one that they find easiest to understand and helps them with having a basic Blackjack strategy explained. The art of counting cards is a basic strategy and it will decide how each card is played. With this strategy, players offline or online at Microgaming casinos need to keep track of all the cards already dealt.

A deck with higher value cards will favour the player while lower value cards favour the dealer.  There are variations of card counting and players should find the one that works for them, The KO and Hi Lo systems are good for beginners to start with and this basic Blackjack strategy explained can be found at many online sites offering help for Blackjack players.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

Another basic blackjack strategy explained is to only place large bets when the cards are in the players favour and then move up to larger bets as their skills improve.

Knowing how much money is involved when using this strategy is important as it may result in a few losses while mastering this technique.

This basic Blackjack strategy explained might not always work as it is frowned upon by the casinos as it has can reduce the house edge.  Casinos will therefore change some of the rules; possibly shuffle the cards faster and more often.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is important as this strategy is a skill and the amount of money that can be won will depend on the level of skill involved.  To improve this skill, rather start out playing with friends or playing for fun without using real money.  Make use of the play for free option at online casinos as this will help players practice without losing any real money.

Playing Blackjack is both fun and a great way to win, but having a basic Blackjack strategy explained will be important for players as they improve their Blackjack playing skills.