Many people who enjoy the frisson of excitement generated by games of chance but don’t enjoy risking real money have discovered free online casinos with delight. Free casinos do not allow play with real money; players are instead issued with credits to bet, and wins are paid out in more credits. So a big jackpot win in a free online casino translates not into cash money, but rather it will provide hours more free play, with the chance to rack up more credits. These also have their uses. Many free casinos offer sweepstakes draws and other rewards; but to become eligible for these, players must amass a specific number of credits.

Even when playing for free, it is entirely possible to win tangible rewards. However, as much fun as perpetually playing for free can be, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of staking real money and winning actual jackpots. Players who want to experience that thrill can gamble for real at the hundreds of real-money casinos available online.

Before committing to these risks, however, sensible players should ask themselves some key questions. Are they thoroughly familiar with their games of choice, knowing all the rules and the best betting strategies? Have they mastered a betting system that minimises the odds against them and the house edge? Can they afford to keep playing that strategy long enough for a tiny shift in the odds to pay off? And perhaps most importantly, have they picked a secure online casino to play at?

What Makes a Secure Online Casino?

From a player’s point of view, there are two major factors involved in creating a sense of security with any particular online casino. The first is information and financial security: a truly secure online casino should display an up-to-date security certification ensuring state-of-the-art protection for all a player’s data, especially their private banking details. Mobile casinos are, not surprisingly, very trustworthy in this regard: smart phone encryption adds an extra layer to data protection. But the other important factor that determines how comfortable a player feels in an online casino is the casino’s records on payout percentages and actually making payouts.

With thousands of players accessing secure online casinos at any given time, a vigilant and vocal community has evolved, quick to praise good service and just as quick to publicise the bad apples. If an online casino is not delivering satisfactory customer service, the news will rapidly filter into its online ratings, so those sites that want to stay on approved secure online casino lists make sure they consistently offer top payout percentages and reliable, accurate payouts.

What Makes a Secure Online Casino

It’s All about Choice

Whatever online casino games you favour, whether it’s the simple fun of slots or bingo, classics like roulette, blackjack and poker, or dice games like craps, you’ll find plenty of options available online, as well of dozens of more obscure games to try out. Free casino sites and the free-play bonuses offered regularly by for-money casinos allow you to try a variety of games without risking your own bankroll, so whether you play for free or bet real money is always up to you.

By doing a bit of rudimentary homework, gambling-games enthusiasts can find a secure online casino that offers them hours of entertainment, whenever and wherever they feel like logging on.