The Wish Master slots game gives players the chance to make all their wishes come true, every time they hit spin. The game features the exciting Wish Master feature, which has a genie escaping from its bottle whenever a Scatter appears.

Special features can be activated when the genie appears from the lamp, and those range from multipliers of two times and three times the original bet, and expanding the randomly positioned Wilds. The Wilds substitute for selected symbols, and sometimes even a whole wild reel. When the features are activated the spin counter is increased, which means the features are active for as long as there are numbers in the spin counter.

The Wish Master is a slots game developed by NetEnt, which has five reels and twenty pay lines, and the game is becoming more and more popular. This is understandable as the function is smooth and the animations are stunning. The concept of the game is based on the Genie granting the player his every wish every time he appears from the bottle.

Every time this figure appears the player will receive a multiplier of two times or three times his original stake. The genie himself is a dark awesome figure, black and grey and shape shifting, with glowing eyes and flames coming from his hands.

This Game Has Stunning Graphics

The Wish Master takes the player to a secret desert cave filled with treasure. In the distance the player will see a golden genie’s lamp, and as the player approaches, the screen comes into view, with deep and rich colours and gorgeous graphics. The Wish Master is indeed a visually beautiful game to play and enjoy. There is also music playing in the background, like a soothing Arabic tune, and when the spin button is pressed there is a noise like coins falling.

The symbols are also extremely attractive, with the letters on the playing cards that represent the lowest values, written in a fancy scroll. The upper value symbols seem to come straight from some ancient Arabic folk tale. Each one is a highly artistic animal mask featuring a sparkling gemstone. The highest value is the mask of a pink and purple cobra; the next is that of an orange cat. The third mask is that of a bright green scorpion and that last of the four in the set is a blue hawk’s face.

Features of The Wish Master

The Wish Master Wild online slots game stands in for all other symbols to create a winning one, and in the Bonus round Wilds can also expand. The Wild is the beautifully animated word “Wild” which dances in flames on top of a black shadow that becomes the genie. Its appearance is even enhanced with the sounds of crackling flames. It can substitute for any other symbol except for the Scatter. When the Scatter appears in any position on the reels the Wish Master Bonus feature is activated. The genie will then appear from his lamp will reward the player with one of the features for a certain number of spins. Available features include extra Wilds, expending Wilds, Multipliers and an entire Wild reel. The player will be able to see the number of remaining spins while the feature stays active.

The Wish Master can grant the player’s every wish, as this game can certainly offer great and lucrative winnings.