Poker is currently the world’s most popular card game, beating out others like blackjack by a huge margin. With an ancient history, plenty of types to choose from, and a thriving playing industry that can be found throughout the globe, poker remains a solid choice for those that want to start playing more casino games and hopefully earn extra cash on the side.

There are plenty of different kinds of poker to choose from, and it’s up to the player to try them all out until they find out that suits them best. Here, we will look at the most common types of poker and what makes them different to the rest.

Texas Hold’em

The most popular version of poker within the United States of America, Texas Hold’em is the type of poker that’s played at the World Series of Poker, and the one that most beginners will want to take the time to learn and practice with.

A game will start with all of the players each receiving two cards just like in online blackjack, which they keep as a hand, which then progresses until there are five community cards set across the table. The players are able to bet as many as four times during a round, and the players will need to use a combination of the community cards as well as their own to put a hand together that has the potential of beating out their main competitors.

Seven Card Stud

A bit different to Texas Hold’em; here, players instead start their game by being dealt a total of seven cards, with three being face down, while the other four are visible to the rest of the table. The player must then try and find the most valuable five card hand that they can, hoping that their combination will be better than everyone else’s.

This is among the more thrilling variants of poker, as having the cards faced up for the rest of the players to see means that quick thinking and a fast response to the cards on hand can make all the difference in a short space of time.

Five Card Draw

Often regarded as one of the simplest types of the game, each player will be given five cards at the start of each round. Once the initial deal has been set, the players are able to chose up to three cards from their hands to exchange for new ones. Using this and the cards they have available, players must try and get the best five card combination possible in order to find success.

Video Poker

While many poker enthusiasts prefer the thrill of playing against others, video poker has nonetheless become something of a dominating force in the world of poker. It generally comes in two forms: the stand-alone poker machines that are found at casinos around the world; or an online version that can be loaded up at any casino or poker casino site. Both offer the same type of playing, usually with the same rules and house edge.