Yggdrasil slot is not by the developer of the same name, but is in fact by Genesis Software. Yggdrasil was the Norse mythology Tree of Life, and centre to their religion and beliefs. Yggdrasil slot has a Norse theme that plays out over twenty five fixed paylines. Yggdrasil slot is an all ways pays slot, which means that symbols do not have to run from left to right to pay out. Each line can be played for between one and ten coins, and each coin can value from 0.01 up to 1. Yggdrasil slot is an affordable slot with a good wagering margin that will appeal to beginners.

Dark, Norse Feel

Yggdrasil slot is a rather dark slot, with very modern and sharp graphics. Set against the trunk of the famed Tree of Life, the reels have a dark woody background flanked by green leaves. All symbols are sharp and delicately drawn. The buttons at the bottom of the screen have been designed to look like curling roots, and are very nicely done. Although this casino slot runs on the Quickfire platform, and thus is available on all mobile devices, it is better played on a bigger screen to get the full force of the graphics and animations.

Tree of Life

Yggdrasil slot depicts the Norse Tree of Life, in which lived various creatures that had various roles. The role of Yggdrasil was to connect the different realms; Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. Curled around the roots of the tree is the dragon or serpent named Nidhogg. He gnaws endlessly at the roots. In the branches lives four stags named Dainn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duratho who eat the leaves of the Tree of Life. An unnamed eagle lives in the crown of the tree and represents Heaven, or Valhalla. A squirrel named Ratatoskr is the messenger, who scurries up and down the trees bark, delivering messaged between the realms.

Yggdrasil slot depicts all of these creatures as well as the actual tree. The base symbols are from a deck of cards and have been designed to look like Runes. These are worth 50 to 250 coins depending on which symbol you find five of a kind of. The stag is worth 500, the squirrel 750 and the dragon or serpent is worth 1000 coins for five in a row. The highest paying symbol is appropriately the eagle with 1500 coins. The Yggdrasil slot logo will also pay out 500 coins for five of them.

Yggdrasil Internet Slot

Yggdrasil Bonus

Compared to most slots at Online Gambling Casino, the bonus game in Yggdrasil slot does not involve any free spins. Three Yggdrasil slot logos anywhere on the reels in one spin will launch the game, which takes mobile casino players to a separate screen. The game has three levels; Roots, Trunk and Branches. The roots part requires you to pick symbols from ten that are presented to you. Each symbol hides either cash or the chance to continue to the next level.  You get to carry on picking and collecting cash until you get the move on signal. The trunk level is the same as the roots. Keep picking symbols to reveal cash prizes until you have to move on. The branches level is again the same, keep clicking on symbols and collecting prizes until you find the Collect button, at which point the game is over.