Ace of Spades is a video slots game that harks back to the traditional slot games. It has been designed and developed by Play ‘n Go.

In its traditional fruit machine style, Ace of Spades only offers one pay line and a maximum of three coins that may be placed as a bet. There are no particularly complicated bonus features or rules that players need to note of.

Nonetheless, the game still offers wins of up to two and a half thousand times the original bet plus a wild symbol that can double or quadruple a winning pay out.

Explaining the Theme

The Ace of Spades, in terms of card games at places like, is the most valuable card. It usually has the most value in card games, and is even usually decorated more elaborately in card decks. In recent world history, the Ace of Spades has been seen as a symbol of good luck and fortune. It is this tradition of the Ace of Spades as a significant card that the Ace of Spades video slots game harks back to.

Selecting the Playing Level

Even though the Ace of Spades video slots game is rather simple in terms of its set-up, there are still a few decisions that players will need to make.

Firstly, players must select the coin denomination they wish to play with. They can choose 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 and 5.00. Then, players will need to decide whether they wish to place one coin, two coins, or three coins on each a pay line, with a total bet of fifteen coins.

It must be noted, however, that the multipliers that can be won in the game will not necessarily be applied to all of the coins placed. All multiplier amounts will only be applied to the value of one coin.

Ace Of Spades Slot Playing Level

Card and Luck Symbols

The actual Ace of Spades, however, is not the only symbol that has found its way into the Ace of Spades video slots game. Players will also encounter other standard poker value playing cards, including the jack, queen, and the king. In addition, players will encounter other luck-based or royal symbols, such as the actual Ace of Spades, the four-leaved clover, and the royal golden crown.

The highest-paying symbol is the Ace of Spades itself.

Wild Symbols

In addition to being the highest-paying symbol, the Ace of Spades is also the game’s wild symbol. This means that the Ace of Spades wild symbol can be used to replace any of the other symbols on the reels, thereby allowing players to form winning combinations they would otherwise not have been able to form.

Furthermore, the Ace of Spades wild symbol will also reward players for any winning combination that it forms part of by giving them an additional multiplier. If one Ace of Spades wild symbol appears on the pay line, then the value of the winning spin will be doubled. If two Ace of Spades wild symbols appear on the pay line, then the value of the winning spin will be quadrupled in this bonus round.