The people of the Philippines are no strangers to gambling. Games of chance have been popular throughout the islands for centuries, and since 1977, Filipinos have been allowed to gamble at state-run land-based casinos. The republic now boasts more than 20 or these establishments, but all those that are legally accessible to Filipinos are located in or around Manila. Thankfully, for those scattered among the archipelago’s more distant islands, online casinos and online casino sign-up bonuses are now also available in the Philippines.

The republic has no laws against gambling online, so as long as they indulge on sites that are licensed outside the Philippines, players are not committing any offence and will be free to keep their winnings. Apart from the sheer convenience of being able to play casino games from home, rather than having to trek to the capital, online casino sign-up bonuses are another part of their appeal.

Why Online Casino Sign-Up Bonuses Exist

In the first place, online casino sign-up bonuses allow internet-based gaming establishments to compete with land-based casinos, as the latter generally do not offer bonuses of this type. But as has been mentioned, this is not really their main appeal in the Philippines; many Philippine gamblers find casinos much more convenient than the land-based operations already.

The real value of online casino sign-up bonuses, to the casinos, is the competitive edge they give an establishment against its online rivals. There are now literally hundreds of mobile and online casinos battling for market share, with dozens available to casino enthusiasts in the Philippines. The ones that succeed in attracting the most new players are the ones with the most enticing online casino sign-up bonuses.

Judge Reputations through Review Sites

A solid reputation and proper treatment of customers is essential if players are to trust an online casino site. No matter how attractive any online casino sign-up bonuses may be, players must first make sure sites are trustworthy before they sign up. The best online casinos display certifications on their homepages.

These will assure players that the site’s encryption is of a high enough standard to protect their banking transactions, that a privacy policy is in place to safeguard their personal details, and that independent auditors are satisfied that the casino’s random number generators produce unbiased results in all games. Other considerations, like Philippine-friendly currency and language options, should also be checked at this stage, before the player registers at the site to enjoy any online casino sign-up bonuses on offer.

Online Casino Terms and Conditions

Check Games Range and Terms and Conditions

The range of games an online casino has to offer can also influence a gambler’s playing choices. Some online casino sign-up bonuses are limited to certain games: a cash amount to play on any blackjack title, for example, or a package of free spins that apply only to a specific slots title. This often happens when a casino wants to encourage more play on a particular game.

All online casino sign-up bonuses will also come with their own terms and conditions, which may define the circumstances under which players are allowed to cash out their winnings too. So when going through online casino sign-up bonuses on offer before starting a day’s play, players need to be sure to understand the Ts and Cs, as well as what games their bonus rewards will be valid to play.