There are actually a good couple of online slot game based on movies and stories from movies. This Creature From The Black Lagoon online slot game is developed by NetEnt and is one such movie based theme style from the movie of the same name, released in 1954. The story on the reels of this slot is that of an Amazon Jungle adventure in which the protagonists go in search of a mysterious beast that apparently lies beneath the water of this specific lake. The graphics and design of this slot are done with a deliberate nod to older movies and their styles as well as of course involving various factors from the movie it is based on and the adventure the players will ultimately be undertaking. Overall this looks to be one of the good slot games based on notable movie titles.

Apart from the theme of this slot on the web which is certainly a large factor to the whole experience, there are also some reels and pay lines and with Creature From The Black Lagoon slot game the exact number is 5 reels and 20 pay lines. This is a healthy setup to begin with and coupled with the betting options included in this game players can rather shape their experience before the reels even start spinning. Beyond these factors the game itself also boasts a few themed bonus features, of which the major one revolves around a rather detailed free spins feature.

That Jungle Adventure Theme Style to Explore

This Creature From The Black Lagoon slot game is indeed based on the movie from the middle of the 20th century and as such includes the general plot, setting and even a few of the influential character involved. The important thing here is that developers NetEnt designed the slot game and all its paraphernalia to appear as a dated and old school looking gaming experience, but done up with competent enough graphics that this looks clearly meant. Apart from this the backdrop to the slot adds a unique dimension to the game and also creates a degree of atmosphere by placing the players in a jungle swamp setting beyond the scope of the reels.

Creature From The Black Lagoon Internet Casino Slot

Onto the symbols found on the 5 reels involved in this Creature From The Black Lagoon slot game and players familiar with the movie that this theme is based on will likely recognise a few of the involved symbols. These include various adventurers involved in this expedition and of course the tools they would need for such a journey. These all just add to what is already creating this thematic presence on the reels of this Creature From The Black Lagoon online slot.

Adventure Bonuses Deep Within the Jungle

Whilst players go exploring for this creature hidden within the jungle lakes they will likely encounter a few bonuses along the way. This includes a Wild symbol as well as a free spins feature. The latter can award players up to 20 free spins as well as including additional aspects to the story created on the reels. There is more to discover regarding this bonus but that’s best explored first-hand by the players spinning the reels of this Creature From The Black Lagoon online slot.