Experience the luck of the Irish when you take a few spins at the Emerald Isle online casino game, by Amaya. Featuring an Irish folklore inspired theme, the game has three rows and five reels. The player must place a bet, and click or tap to spin. If winning sequences are created, payouts are granted. Bigger payouts are offered by different icons, while special bonus icons can mean a jackpot win. This game can be played on both an internet browser, via flash, or on a mobile device or tablet.

User Interface at a Glance

The account balance and current wager can be seen at the bottom of the screen. The player may also select how many lines to place bets on, which may be changed via the arrows. By default all lines are bet on, but this may be reduced as the player prefers. The auto-spin option, found at the bottom left, allows for the game to spin automatically. The advanced options for auto-spin may also be selected here, which allow the player to select specific circumstances for the game to stop spinning. Auto-spin may be set to a maximum of 100 spins. Note also the playtable button, which explains the winning combinations in more detail. The spin button, bottom right, takes a single, manual spin, while the bet max button, beside it, sets the bets on all lines to the maximum amount possible.

Game Icons

Emerald Isle, fitting with its fun theme, features a pot of gold, four leafed clover, red haired lady, rainbow, and leprechaun. These icons are combined with the classic playing card numbers, one to ten plus jack, queen, king, and must be matched to form sequences. Matches must be formed in rows, starting from the left most reel. The bonus icons, if matched, will trigger big payouts and special games.

Emerald Isle Online Slot Icons

Emerald Isle Slot – Lucky Irish Icons

The leprechaun icon, easily identifiable by his image, is the wild card in this casino slot game. He may match with any other icon to create a matching set. The player may, for example, get two nines, plus a leprechaun. When matched, the leprechaun will animate, making magical rainbows with his fingertips. The rainbow, or scatter icon, will trigger a bonus special game when matching with itself three or more times, starting from the left. The rainbow icon is the only symbol that will not match with the leprechaun.

Emerald Isle – Phone or Browser

To play the game on your mobile device, simply search for it via the application store. Once the game has been downloaded and installed, simply tap the icon to start playing. If you prefer to play in a browser like Chrome, on a laptop or desktop computer, simply open the game directly from its website, and it will load in the browser.