Knight’s Keep slot, from Williams Interactive Software, taps into that part of all of us that imagines what it would have been like in the good old days, the really Good Old Days, when men in shining armour performed deeds of heroism and military prowess in the service of noble kings and beautiful damsels. It’s a version of history free from disease and squalor, of course, and rather romanticised violence, but who really minds?

Williams Interactive Software made some history of their own, of course, by introducing to a slightly jaded casino going market a variation on the traditional 5 reel slot, with its standardised pay lines; in this case it was a 6 reel slot with a sideways pyramid structure, with 192 potential pay lines, which changed the way that games played and paid out.

Good Knight!

The Medieval era might seem a strange choice of theme for something as modern and mercenary as an online slot game, but it does hold an enduring fascination for us that has ensured its place in popular culture: certainly the chivalric code is one that should never be forgotten, but for most of us there is also the appeal of being allowed to hit others with swords occasionally. None of which has much to do with Knight’s Keep, but it does explain why Williams Software has kept this title in its extensive line up, and why this game has appeared in casinos, both physical and online, ever since its innovative layout first appeared. If you enjoy the art work and imagery that surrounds all things medieval, or at least feudal European, then Knight’s Keep is definitely for you (some would say “It’s a keeper”, but that would be a low blow), and will merit a thorough bout of game play. Saddle up, and pursue your quest for entertainment with this one!

Playing Knight’s Keep Online Casino Slot

Banners and Symbols

The symbols of Knight’s Keep are traditionally feudal in their depiction: against a backdrop of a moonlit castle, we find the traditional playing card suits, as well kings, queens, jesters, crowns, and sceptres, with the king being the highest in value. In addition to these, one finds heraldic horses and knights on horseback, who function as the Bonus symbol. Scatter symbols will award up to 25 free spins when these appear, and can be retriggered, meaning that there is potentially great reward for those embarking on the quest of this game. Being able to bet up to 2 coins per line for every spin in a game with 192 pay lines means that pressing the Bet Max is not to be entered upon lightly, but once the free spins and bonus multipliers start appearing, this can be a very rewarding game. There is also a feature during the free spins that one of the symbols can randomly change, almost functioning as a Wild, and adding to potential winning combinations.

As in the best iPhone slots at, animations and sound effects are of a high quality as well, and suit the theme nicely.