One can hardly talk about Canada without also mentioning the love Canadians have for ice hockey. Canadians are all but fanatical about the game, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Offering fast paced action, unpredictable results, and some of the most hardcore fights in the sporting scene, ice hockey is a game that has it all.

Canadians are also passionate about betting on hockey, and when the season comes round, it is all but traditional for Canadians to put down a bit of cash on their favourite team. But, not everyone understands how sports betting works. More newcomers than ever before are being introduced to sports betting, given how easy it is to place bets via modern technology. So, for those who might not be aware, let’s take a look at some of the basic betting options available on ice hockey games.

Odds are Everything

When two hockey teams go head to head even on bets, a bookmaker will assign odds to each team, as is the case with rugby betting in Australia at Odds are extremely important where betting is concerned, and should be considered very seriously. High odds, such as 1/10, indicate that a team is seen as less likely to win. The odds also indicate, however, how much a bet will earn if placed on that team, and succeeding. In the case of 1/10, a small bet of $10 would payout $100. This is obviously a great win, and the core of how sports betting works; risk versus reward. Since the team is less likely to win, a bet on that team is very risky, and so will payout a good amount.

In the case of low odds, such as 1/2, the team is seen s very likely to win. This, of course, means that a bet placed on this team will give significantly lower payouts, since a great deal less risk is involved. A bet of $10 would payout just $20. Hence, it is very important to pay careful attention to odds before committing any money. Those serious about making money when placing sports bets will consider the less likely to win teams.

Hockey Betting

Novelty Bets

A great deal of more betting options are available, for those less interested in simply placing a bet on a team to win. Novelty bets have recently become available at a number of online bookmakers, which offer a unique, interesting approach to the world of sports betting. A bet may be placed, for example, on how many shots will be taken on the goals, how well a specific player will perform, or even on how many fights will beak out. Those unfamiliar with the teams themselves may fid these options more intriguing.

Not all bookmakers offer novelty betting options, but as such alternative betting options become more popular, more bookmakers are rising to the occasion. See if your bookmaker has any novelty bets, and if not, ask for them to be added to the website. Remember; just because a bet wasn’t specifically about which team will win, it doesn’t mean that still can’t result in cash being in your pocket.