The F1 Grand Prix is a series of races, based on rules of conformity that apply to each vehicle entered into the race. These events are held on specially designed tracks.

Teams entered into the Grand Prix earn points during the races. The viewership of these races can extend to over 400 million people.

The popularity of the events extends to online sports betting. The F1 Grand Prix is one of the most popular sporting events for sports betting.

There has been much recent debate on the role that large capital plays on team performance since the races are usually dominated by a small group of teams. It hasn’t stopped fans and sports bettors from taking part in fun and exciting sports betting however.

The Season Racing Events

The number of F1 Grand Prix events held during each season is not fixed. Recently it has averaged at about 19 events each season.

Popular events include the French Grand Prix, the European Grand Prix, the Monaco Grand Prix, the Singapore Grand Prix, the United States Grand Prix and the Russian Grand Prix.

Wager Options on Races

Each F1 Grand Prix event is held over a weekend. Firstly, a practice session is held  on the Fridays and Saturdays. A third race is held on the Saturday, known as the qualifying round.

The performance of the teams during this round will determine the starting order of each team on the Sunday main event.

The F1 Grand Prix qualifying round is split into 3 periods, each one labelled as Q1 to Q3. During these periods a driver will be trying to achieve the fastest possible lap time.

These sessions are great for sports wagering, but of course, the main event on Sunday is where the serious sports betting takes place.

F1 Grand Prix Wager Options

The Most Popular Bets to Make

F1 Grand Prix usually involves single bets, matchup propositions and wagers on manufacturers’ performance.

Single bets are placed on individual drivers or teams performing winning an event, Matchup events are also very popular as these wagers will pit the performance of two drivers against each other and can result in some very exciting sports betting action.

Wagering on the individual team performance during the F1 Grand Prix can also be exciting as they aren’t just linked to the drivers , but also to the quality of their vehicles and, of course, the skill of their pit crews.

Real Money Proposition Wagers

The F1 Grand Prix usually does not offer such a varied selection of proposition bets as other sports, simply due to the strictly regulated nature of the sport.

Racing in these powerful vehicles is a very dangerous sport so the organisers of the F1 Grand Prix event try to control as many variables as possible.

This doesn’t mean however that you won’t find some unique betting options at your favourite F1 betting sites online.

They always try to offer bettors creative wagers in order to attract more and more betting fans, so always keep your eyes peeled to find interesting offers.